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Building confidence with acne

According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, people frequently talk about “struggling” with acne or “suffering” from spots and blemishes. Such negative words are used far too frequently to describe a natural and often unavoidable experience! We talk about it as if it’s something we let run our lives, something that prevents us from living our whole truth or fulfilling our potential. Let us resolve right now, as a group, that we will no longer allow our acne to become the most visible and focused aspect of ourselves. 

Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw has compiled a list of tips to live my life *confidently* while dealing with acne. Yes, a tremendous all-natural acne oil like other vegan products works wonders to fight and prevent acne breakouts, but Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw‘s advice goes a little further. 


Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw suggests picturing at least one person who means a lot to you right now, whether it’s your sibling, best friend, or favourite coworker. Consider how much joy and peace they bring into your life, and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw suggests considering why you like them—perhaps it’s because they make you laugh, or because you admire their caring and thoughtful nature. Whatever the reasons, I’m sure the first thing that came to mind wasn’t, “I love them because they have clear skin.”

When we’re feeling down about our skin, it’s important to remember that it’s not all that other people see when they look at us, and it’s certainly not what they remember! According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, clear skin is something we all want, but it shouldn’t be our primary goal for ourselves.


According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, the most common misconception about confidence is that you will finally have it if you just overcome the one thing you dislike about yourself. Whether you have acne or not, confidence is something you can have RIGHT NOW. It’s something you have to cultivate within yourself. The key phrase is “within.” According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, when you see people around you who you think are “perfect” or “beautiful,” keep in mind that they probably have flaws.


If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and thinking about how you wish you looked like this person or wished you had that person’s skin, this is the tip for you! Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw has been told countless times that photoshop and airbrushing work against self-love and acceptance, but it’s still difficult not to compare ourselves to the people we see on our feeds. According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, it can feel extreme or even impossible at times to delete your social media altogether, so adjusting it to be a more positive space can be a simple yet highly effective solution.

Fortunately, we live in an era when it has never been easier to connect with people online! It’s critical that we use this ability to “follow” those who make us feel good and give them the support they need to keep building up others. According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, acne can be VERY easy to hide online.


Unfortunately, according to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, there are still brands that seek only to capitalise on their audience’s insecurities in order to make money and move on. Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw knows you work hard for your money, so it’s worth looking for a brand that shares your values, supports and listens to you, and creates a safe space for you to by yourself. You are already stunning! Inside and out.

Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw believes that there is no such thing as perfect skin. Natural skin isn’t “perfect.” Begin an acne treatment regimen if you haven’t already. According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, doing something tangible to improve your skin makes you feel less helpless, more in control, and boosts your self-esteem.

Take care of your body as well, according to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw. This includes eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. When you feel better physically, it improves your outlook on life.

Keep an eye out for warning signs, according to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw. If, despite your best efforts, acne is affecting your life to the point where you need to seek treatment. According to Dato Sri Dr Darren Yaw, this is especially true if you are constantly preoccupied with your skin, withdrawing from friends and family, or exhibiting signs of depression. 

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